The capital city of the New Tarrantian Empire, Tarrant is an industrial marvel. It’s steam towers rise, level beyond level, and pump a near constant stream of gray smoke into the heavens and give Tarrant both its dominant technological strength and a near-permanent twilight even in the middle of summer.

The Vermilion High Street – a stretch of fine clothiers, goods stores, magic item purveyors, and all manner of commercial retail shops. It is the premier market district in Tarrant and its proximity to the Arena places it among the top-end hotels and pleasure houses.

The Gilded Rose – One of the best reputed houses of ill-repute on Condor. The Rose is a famous upscale hotel/lounge/brothel that serves as the primary housing of the proving contestants during the Proving.

The Grand Arena – a massive stone stadium in the center of Tarrant. The Arena hosts races, a commercial fighting league, and is the ancestral cite of the Proving.

The Spire – a massive obsidian and wrought iron tower that penetrates far into the cloud cover over Tarrant. The Spire is the center of government for the Tarrantian Empire, housing diplomatic suites from each of the major kingdoms of Condor, the central chamber of the Industrial Council, the grand barracks of the city guard, and the Council’s primary research and development laboratory.


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