Somatic and Verbal spellcasting components

The Four Seals

1) Trinity Seal
a) Attack Form - fingers of both hands straightened with palms touching in front of body as if in prayer.
b) Support Form - hands cross with fingers straight and perpendicular to each other, palms face user.
c) Utility Form - hands are clenched into fists and touched together in front of user knuckle-to-knuckle.

2) Octane Seal
a) Abjuration - hands are clenched into fists and arms crossed in front of use just below the wrist, palms face the user.
b) Conjuration - fingers are bent back at second and first joint but no fist is made, hands tough together at the wrist in front of user, palms face upward and parallel to each other.
c) Divination - hands together form a circle at user's mid-chest with the left hand above and right hand below.
d) Enchantment - hands are posed in the "spider-man web-slinging" pose and right is held straight above the left with the left's thumb just barely contacting the right's side.
e) Evocation - hands are posed palms together, perpendicular to the body to form a rough cross shape at the sternum.
f) Illusion - hands are clenched with first and second fingers extended, the fingers of either hand cross perpendicular to each other to form a cross-shape at the second joint.
g) Necromancy - hands are open, palms facing the use, and fingers are spread apart. Pointer and pinkie fingers of either hand touch while the second and third fingers are curled together in an alternating pattern, thumbs extend up and away.
h) Transmutation - hands are crossed in from of user at the wrist, palms facing to the user and up, thumbs of either hand curl together with first and second fingers extended pointing upwards

3) Anima Seal
a) Fire
b) Lightning
c) Cold
d) Earth
e) Positive
f) Negative
g) Sonic
h) Force
i) Mental
j) Physical

4) Focus Seal
a) Burst Form
b) Ray Form
c) Wall Form
d) Touch Form
e) Cone Form
f) Line Form
g) Direct Form
h) Indirect Form

Somatic and Verbal spellcasting components

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